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George Twopointoh can do it all, seriously. [new music + videos!]

February 18, 2013

“For almost two years on tour bus bunks, backstage at venues, off

days, show days, at parties in Chicago, at Airports in Copenhagen, in

hotel rooms in Croatia and on stages around the world, I grew. And as

I grew, I kept record of my growth on the back of boarding passes, in

moleskins, in tweets and blogs, with Instagrams and text messages, and

emails. I’d never fancied myself a music producer, but I knew how I

wanted my stories to sound. So I soundtracked them. When it was done,

I knew it and I knew I wanted to share it. “

– George Twopointoh

You know what I love about the above quote? It’s truly inspiring to those of us who never “fancied” ourselves as   either, but have a strong desire to test it out.  George is a perfect example of what’s possible when you just try.  If you’re lucky, when you try, you just might found out you’re a genius too.



“Check the Quote”




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Your eyes and ears will thank you (trust me)

February 18, 2013

Finally – a look inside Wondaland! The W.A.S. teamed up with Sonos and the good folks at Fader to create Wondaland West – the recreation of what we all experience at Wondaland, just this time, on the west coast.  Down to the cotton candy machine, the hundreds of clocks and mirrors on the wall, and grass under your feet – Wondaland emerged in LA-LA land.  It was so fun seeing laid back LA-ers get ‘turnt up.’

Take a peak after the jump and enjoy.  :)

BTW – new music from Roman GianArthur coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know, it’s been a while…

January 28, 2013


I can’t promise I’m back.

But I can say that I’ve missed you.

‘Since you’ve been goneeee…’ (Hey Kelly Clarkson) I may or may not have done the following:

a) Traveled to eight states in one week

b) Partied at the White House (as if?!)

c) Took my man friend (the title boy friend is so high school) for a private plan flying lesson

d) Got a texturizer. I know, just shut up.  (BTW – the spell check is trying to correct texturizer into “pasteurizer” and that’s HILARIOUS)

e) All of the above (because there’s always an “all of the above option to confuse you)

I thought about doing a 30 before 30 post but I realized after looking at a few other 30/30 posts around the web, that I’ve long since accomplished a lot of what I wanted to do before 30.  I’ve got a job I love, a man-friend I absolutely adore, a family that gave Cliff Huxtable his blue print, some super awesome calves, a genuinely optimistic outlook on life (even in the midst of a pretty crazy ending to 2012), and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my older brother Trey,  and Janelle for their determination and ridiculous talent that continues to allow me extraordinary proximity to the First Family.

My 30 before 30 is pretty simple because it is way less than 30. This year I’ll finally get the “for real” flat stomach I want, (no sucking in or ANYTHING… *cheers*), and I’ll move into a new fly New York apartment.  As for the career stuff – God’s been whispering some sweet nothings into my ear so I’m expecting something fancy that only HE can do.  Go ahead and show out, I told him. I’m so ready it.

Glad to be back yall. If only for a post.

Word Up, Haaaaaay.

New Music from Wondaland!!! #DeepCotton

October 2, 2012


This song is so funky it’s ridiculous.

A note from Deep Cotton:

Dear Sirs, your Deluxe Smile (Order# 9900) has finally arrived.

Just like you ordered. We at King Industries are very sorry it took us thirty years to fill your order.

We do realize that you placed your order in 1980 after hearing the Talking Heads’ remarkable album Remain in Light. We also realize that you contacted us again in 1987 after hearing Prince’s Sign “O” the Times, and then once again after hearing Nirvana’s Nevermind in 1991. And yes, we are quite aware that you again contacted our New York office in 2000 to curse our souls and berate us for not fulfilling your initial order after hearing Outkast’s classic Stankonia.

But your order required us to find songs written in an entire new musical genre, to discover a new sound— an adventurous band that wrote songs that were an amalgamation of the disparate things you loved— punk and funk, soul and rock, hip hop and everything in between. And to put it simply, with the rise and then demise of corporate radio and video culture, as well as the corresponding decline in artistic integrity, it has been quite difficult to find anything remotely original that doesn’t sound like it was manufactured by a gang of sexy mannequins, produced merely to score a deodorant commercial, to rape a pre-existing musical legacy or to kill society’s belief that the future exists.

But lo and behold—Dear Sirs!—we at King Industries are happy to announce that we have finally found the listening experience you have been craving and imagining for the last 25 years of your life. A liberating musical world called “haunted funk n’ roll” created by a duo named Deep Cotton. Deep Cotton consists of two musical renegades— Nate Wonder and Chuck Lightning—that seem bent on proving that there is only one rule: break the rules. Their suite Runaway Radio is like listening to thunder rumble on a summer day for the very first time. Upon hearing this music, you know that a storm is coming. A powerful tempest that will wash away the barriers in the few record stores left, a tsnami that will wash away the artifice of music marketing slogans and constrictive categories, as well as the soulless pop world of shock for shock’s sake.

Dear noble customer,

listen for yourself! As soon as the guitars come thrashing out out of the Deep Cotton anthem “Runaway Radio” your hands curl into fists, your feet begin stomping and you rush forward to grab the last two hundred items you’ve bought to burn them! You kick your monitor and press delete on every song you’ve stolen and every song you’ve bought until your computer screams and crashes and just can’t it take anymore! Yes suddenly you realize that you have been lost in a wilderness of very bad music for a very long time, and you are finally finding your way home again. And that’s not to mention the funknasty vampire love song “Fork n Knife”! A song that hits you like a stake in the heart….

Dear Sirs, let me put it plainly: Chuck Lightning’s voice is an upturned finger to
all the nonsense most call art in America, and in its jagged tones you can hear Richard Hell, George Clinton, and David Byrne having a long deep conversation about the end of the world. In contrast, Nate Wonder’s soulful voice and avant-pop sensibilities find their inspiration in pop radio, in sunshine, in Henry Mancini, in Rachimanoff, in Motown— as well as the dark boom of hip hop and the unheralded innovation of soul rebels such as Shuggie Otis, Arthur Lee, and Cody Chesnutt.

Dear Sirs, for thirty years you have been waiting so I won’t take the liberty to bore you with the sordid details of the group’s origin, the meaning of the group’s intriguing name, or countless other things that don’t matter—The only thing you rightfully care about now is the music.

So please without further ado, press play, enjoy your Deluxe Smile (order #9900) and at long last, welcome to the wondrous world of Deep Cotton….

William James Williamson II
Director of Customer Service
King Industries

Released by: The Wondaland Arts Society
Release date: Oct 1, 2012


New episode of “Side a Fries!!”

October 1, 2012

On this episode of Side a Fries,  Jovian and George go back into the side a fries vault and share some hot fries from the White House and a VERY special guest! They’re also joined (via phone) by musical director for Bruno Mars, Phredley Brown and more! They’ve got Kevin Olusola from Penatonix, Gary Clark Jr and of course they’re still dishing out your top fries and more! Check it out and share!

Introducing Roman Gianarthur (Watch out ladies…)

September 23, 2012

Did I mention he’s my little brother?

Check out what Giant Step had to say when their ears caught wind of his new single!

Earlier today, miss Janelle Monae unveiled a new tune from a fellow Wondaland artistRoman GianArthur. And man, is the guy a talent. The above is his new track that mashes together D’Angelo’s “Send It On” with Radiohead’s “High & Dry.” Freakin’ sexy. What the hell.

Dude sounds like a blend between Van HuntBilal, and some fresh ‘n new radio R&B youngin’. Can’t compete with that. Oh, we mention that ol’ boy over here also produced the track? No biggie.

Full Giant Step Article

Less than 70 days left until the election…

August 30, 2012



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